ZENTONICS® is a method of finding physical and mental balance through the practice of specific sets of exercises … embracing the Zen paradox of motion within stillness and stillness within motion.

“The feeling of being young and healthy accompany improvements in posture, balance, suppleness and serenity” Holly Sweeney-Hillman, creator of ZENTONICS®

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RESTORATIVE ZENTONICS® restores postural balance through the practice of ZenTones a precise set of passive releases and gentle stretching exercises.
Recognizing that there is no true relaxation without comfort, ZENTONICS® works with your structure rather than against it to improve alignment, core support, overall suppleness and posture.
ZENTONICS® helps undo the negative effects of hours spent working at your computer by reducing stiffness in your back, hips and shoulders.

About the creator of ZENTONICS®

Holly Sweeney-Hillman has studied, practiced and taught the art and science of movement for thirty years. Her undergraduate degree is in dance and graphic arts, her graduate degree is in Orthopedic Biomechanics from New York University. She is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, CranioSacral
therapist, Senior Instructor for the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan
Association and devoted horse owner and rider.

What Are People Saying About ZENTONICS®?

Monica Riccelli
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“I suffer of lower back pain and stiffness/pain in my shoulders and neck from being at the computer many hours in a day. I have tried many exercises and I find that Zentonics® is the only restorative system that alleviates the pain and allows me to move freely without constant pain. What is most amazing to me about Zentonics® is that after the class my body structure is aligned, I have good posture, and my feet feel rooted. During class I do not feel any strain or pain in my body not even in my bad knees! I have taken Zentonics® class in two formats in person and online, I find the online format to be as effective as the in person. The materials presented during the class are very detailed and easy to follow allowing me to apply them correctly. Online classes actually work better for me with my busy work schedule and allow me to enjoy both the physical and relaxing benefits of Zentonics® class.”
James Colonari
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After years of being a jockey and rider, the numerous back injuries had long since caught up with me. The years of doctors, physical therapy, acupuncture, numerous injections, drugs and chiropractic treatments, had not helped. Everyone was going to fix the damage; the compressions, the cracks, the pinches, the spurs and the nerve damage. Holly just showed me how to help myself; to stretch, to let go, and to reconnect. Holly doesn’t fix your body, she helps you to guide it back to where function and propose can work in harmony again. The science Holly shares in her sessions is a gift to us all. Her ZENTONICS® classes have changed my life.
Steve Cozzolino
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"I have been struggling with a troubled back for over a year. I've tried months of physical therapy and chiropractic however I have found that the most productive therapy has been Holly Sweeney-Hillman’s ZENTONICS® classes. Holly's unique knowledge of connective tissue allowed her to go beyond the traditional musculoskeletal approach and reinvent stretching from a different perspective. In addition to attending her classes, I now perform a subset of the exercises at home on a daily basis to keep limber, promote healing and reduce the risk of re-injury."
Mark Bellard
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I’ve had back issues for 30 years. In June 2011 I herniated two discs in my lower back. I was on pain-killers, muscle relaxants and steroids and embarked on a course of chiropractic treatment. I was adjusted four times a week for nine months. I got temporary relief but within 24 hours I was back out of alignment and taking more pills. Nothing was comfortable. Putting socks on was unthinkable. Finally somebody close convinced me to see Holly Sweeney-Hillman. I hadn’t done so sooner because I couldn’t embrace the concept of a gentle cure. In March 2012, Holly started me with a series of gentle stretches called ZENTONICS® that encouraged the muscles to relax and let the bones go back to where they should be. For me this was immediately different to what I’d been expecting from chiropractic: move the bones and the muscles will follow! I've realized that it doesn’t work that way. I started a simple stretching program that Holly added to as the weeks went by. This encouraged the muscles to let go and increased my general flexibility. Holly developed a ZENTONICS ® maintenance routine that gave me the confidence to do the things I love to do and gave me the tools and techniques to get out of trouble when I felt tight or stiff. Holly’s knowledge of the body and the connections that make our movements possible is incredible. Light bulbs go on every time she explains something to me. 33 rounds of golf so far this season with zero cancellations!