What Students Say about ZENTONICSTM

"Zentonics™ has given me body awareness and control I never knew I was lacking. It has greatly improved my riding, creating a deeper and more nuanced connection with my horse. It's also relieved various chronic aches and pains in my lower back and shoulders and generally made me better attuned to my body and how I use it. The benefits are subtle yet profound. From carrying suitcases and groceries, to shoveling snow and grooming my horse. In the three years I've being doing Zentonics™ I've noticed such activities require less effort and strain, and lifting, pulling or stretching to reach something no longer causes soreness or twinges of pain in my lower back. And on those rare days when some of the old aches and pains do return I know I will find relief from Zentonics™.”

Annemarie Brennan

I’ve had back issues for 30 years. In June 2011 I herniated two discs in my lower back. I was on pain-killers, muscle relaxants and steroids and embarked on a course of chiropractic treatment. I was adjusted four times a week for nine months. I got temporary relief but within 24 hours I was back out of alignment and taking more pills. Nothing was comfortable. Putting socks on was unthinkable. Finally somebody close convinced me to see Holly. I hadn’t done so sooner as I couldn’t embrace the concept of a gentle cure.

In March 2012, Holly started me with a series of gentle stretches that encouraged the muscles to relax and let the bones go back to where they should be. For me this was immediately different to what I’d been expecting from chiropractic: move the bones and the muscles will follow! I've realized that it doesn’t work that way.

I started a simple stretching program that Holly added to as the weeks went by. This encouraged the muscles to let go and increased my general flexibility. Holly developed a maintenance routine that gave me the confidence to do the things I love to do and gave me the tools and techniques to get out of trouble when I felt tight or stiff. 

Holly’s knowledge of the body and the connections that make our movements possible is incredible. Light bulbs go on every time she explains something to me. 

33 rounds of golf so far this season with zero cancellations!

Mark Bellard, Bedminster, NJ